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Creating a fairer future economy. Together.
MAY 23, 2021
A 6 week Master's program to ready you for the future economy.
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Unit Mentor Sessions - Tuesday
11 am Berlin | 5 pm Bali | 1pm Dubai
( Passcode: unitmaster )
Unit Mentor Sessions - Thursday
11am NY | 5pm Berlin | 11pm Bali
( Passcode: unitmaster )
Why Sign-up?
  • Learn the Future of Wealth Creation & Economics: You want to do more of what you love and better manage wealth creation for you and your community.
  • Understand the Power of Possibilities with Blockchain: You are looking to learn about blockchain technology, decentralized systems & governance, tokens, crypto currencies or so called future economies.
  • Attend Bi-Weekly Mentorship sessions with some of the Best in the Industry: Two amazing live speaker sessions per week led by influential leaders in the disruptive tech space, and ethical community building.
  • Find like-minded People to Grow with: Network with other participants and use this time to set up your wallet, and build your brand or business on the UNIT platform!
UNIT is a human-centric technology built for the future thinking collective. It encourages an evolution into fairer economic models driven by tokenomics, the stakeholder economy and decentralized governance. We dream of a world where everyone can do meaningful work they enjoy and can manage & create wealth with ease.

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What is Unit?
Dive deeper into entrepreneurship and crypto with our live mentoring sessions hosted twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, featuring some of the leading minds in the space. 
Randy Adams
Randy is founder of, and one of the first employees at Apple in the garage with Steve Jobs. He has been C-Level executive and co-founder at nine venture backed tech companies.
Sukhveer Sanghera is the CEO of Social Technologies, a decentralized social media platform that works towards achieving United Nations SDG 17 through incentivizing action with economical rewards.
Sukhveer Sanghera
Helen Disney
A serial entrepreneur who has founded 3 companies. She is CEO of Unblocked, a hub for Blockchain events, education and information and a Co-Founder of GovChain Research. 
Jeanne Lim
Jeanne Lim shares about her learnings as an entrepreneur, investor, and as an AI activist who dedicates her life time to facilitate the advancement of human intelligence.
Richard Byworth
CEO of Diginex, shares with us how he got into the crypto space, what's wrong with schools nowadays, and how Bitcoin will continue to shape the future of finance.
With a background in political science and public management, Eléonore could only fall in love with bitcoin's disruptive narrative of financial empowerment and economic freedom.
Eléonore Blanc
Blockchain Technology .  Wealth Creation .  Transparency .  Tokenomics
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